2022 General Election results –

General Election results from Yavapai County, Coconino County and the state of Arizona, as of 1:42 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 9. These numbers are being updated as the counties and state update them.

Yavapai County
Precincts Reporting: 100%
Registered Voters: 166,052
Ballots Cast: 101,597
Voter Turnout: 61.18%

Coconino County
Precincts Reporting: 99%
Registered Voters: 90,829
Ballots Cast: 40,761
Voter Turnout: 44.88%

State of Arizona
Precincts Reporting: 99%
Registered Voters: 4,143,929 (down from 4,156,067 in August)
Ballots Cast: 1,815,963
Voter Turnout: 43.82%

Cottonwood City Council

In August, incumbent Councilwoman Debbie Wilden and Lisa DuVernay ran unopposed for three four-year seats. Stephen DeWillis, a write-in candidate, needed at least 129 votes to appear on the November…

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