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5 things to do before putting your home on the market, according to real estate experts

First, Rinal Patel asked House Digest to find out the status of your home. You should hire a professional home inspector. “Having an inspection helps identify potential problems with your property that you may not be aware of,” she explained. You can do it before you put it up for sale.” This gives you the “peace of mind knowing you’ve checked everything before you sell your home.”

Once the property has completed the necessary maintenance, we assess its value. For that, Patel also has expert advice. “Getting an appraisal is a good step to take before selling your home,” she continued. It helps you set a certain price, and the appraisal also helps you avoid over-pricing, which can leave your home on the market for months.” And that scenario is one you definitely want to avoid. .

Now it’s time to get your place ready for the show. He added, “Also start decluttering and depersonalizing the space so that potential buyers can imagine living there.” You may need to take pictures or paint the walls white.

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