Apple Business Essentials now supports non-App Store installations on Mac

In case you blinked an eye, Apple recently introduced package support to its Apple Business Essentials solution for small business IT management.

What is Apple Business Essentials?

Targeted at approximately 31 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States, Apple Business Essentials enables business owners and technical support teams to manage fleets of Apple devices using Apple’s existing APIs and a great, simple management console. can be effectively managed. The company has already made training resources available for the solution.

Apple Business Essentials consists of iCloud+ for Work, device, app and user management and 24/7 support. It makes it easy for business users to deploy devices, set up new users, install software and security settings across managed devices, and supports key protections including single sign-on.

It’s not intended to be a full MDM solution, but it is intended to meet the needs of busy small businesses with perhaps up to 500 devices.

The service already supports Managed Apple IDs and can authenticate with Microsoft Azure, Active Directory, and (soon) Google Workplace.

What is this package?

Apple Business Essentials had the ability to install software from Apple’s own App Store from the start. While this is welcome, we weren’t able to check all the boxes because we didn’t support out-of-store applications.

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