Black Friday generates twice as much business as regular Fridays

Retailers and webshops must prepare for increased demand

London, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Retailers and e-commerce companies should prepare for increased demand on November 25th. In 2021, Black Friday saw him responsible for 105% more outbound shipments than regular Fridays, according to data from nShift, a global leader in parcel delivery management.

To help companies scale up, nShift has released a new guide. “Preparing for Black Friday: 5 Ways Online Retailers and Web Shops Are Preparing for the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year‘ encourages companies to:

  1. confirmation Supply chain Resilience – During periods of high demand, companies need to have extra capacity in their transport networks.For this they may need access to multiple carriers.
  2. provide a range of shipping options – Allow shoppers to choose how and when their products will be shipped. By offering a variety of shipping options, 20% more conversions.
  3. Expanding customer communication – By periodically sending to consumers update For shipping status, retailers can reduce support calls by 60%. This also improves the customer experience.
  4. quick preparation Return value – Approximately 84% of consumers abandon retailers due to poor returns experience.[1] It is important for companies to implement Digital returns process This makes it easier for consumers and more efficient for warehouses to manage.
  5. create remarketing opportunities – By controlling shipping, retailers ensure the experience fully branded, increase loyalty. Recruitment “Click to collect” Shipping options allow you to bring online shoppers to your physical stores, making it easier to market new products.

Lars Pedersen, the CEO of nShift said: .

“Businesses need shipping management software that can act as a strategic growth enabler to create the best possible end-to-end shipping experience. It helps us scale up to

Download Full Guide: “Preparing for Black Friday: 5 Ways Online Retailers and Web Shops Are Preparing for the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

About nShift
nShift is the world’s leading provider of cloud delivery management solutions, enabling seamless shipping and returns of approximately 1 billion shipments in 190 countries per year. nShift’s software is used worldwide by e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and 3PL shippers.The company is headquartered in London When OsloWe have over 500 employees across our offices. Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, England, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium When Romania.

[1] https://internetretailing.net/delivery/84-of-shoppers-will-reject-retailers-that-deliver-a-poor-returns-experience-23214/

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