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California Department of Public Health releases new COVID-19 statistics

CALIFORNIA (KERO) — The California Department of Public Health released new information regarding COVID-19 on Friday, August 26th. This information included recent COVID-19 statistics and updates on the state’s pandemic response.

According to the Department of Public Health, rates of cases, hospitalization, and death are the lowest among vaccine-boosted people and the highest among those who are unvaccinated. Studies done by the department in July show that unvaccinated individuals are almost seven times more likely to catch COVID-19 than those who have received the booster. For those that caught COVID-19, individuals without the vaccine were 11.7 times more likely to be hospitalized and 11.2 times more likely to die from the illness.

There have been 79,522,958 vaccinations administered in the state of California, with approximately 80 percent of the population receiving at least one dose. The daily average for vaccinations currently sits at 20,500.

The current amount of confirmed COVID-19 cases in California is 10,237,892, with an average of 8,769 new cases per day. Out of those cases, there are currently 3,143 hospitalizations, 385 of those in the Intensive Care Unit. There has been 94,047 COVID-19-related death since the start of the pandemic, with the current daily death count averaging at 33 deaths a day.

“The risk for COVID-19 exposure and infection continues as a number of Californians remain unvaccinated and unboosted,” said a spokesperson for the California Department of Public Health in a press release. “Real-world evidence continues to show that the vaccine prevents severe illness, hospitalization, and death. Public health officials urge Californians to get vaccinated and boosted as soon as possible. It is recommended that every individual six months of age and older receive their primary COVID-19 vaccine series and booster dose, if eligible.”

The department also urges California citizens to follow the prevention measures listed below:

Bakersfield COVID-19 numbers - Aug. 26, 2022

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