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his moon, utah business partnered with weave Host a roundtable event featuring talent acquisition and HR leaders from Utah.Co-moderation Carl SokkiaFounder and CEO Experience management solutionWhen Brooke Shrevea group of people responsible for Weave discussed building brands, their approach to adoption in today’s market, and the software that helps them throughout the process.

How have your hiring processes and approaches changed due to the recent number of headcount reductions?

Matthew Miller | | Senior Talent Acquisition Partner | Merrick Bank

Whenever we hear about layoffs, we try to get in touch with those companies’ HR or Talent Acquisition heads to help individuals currently facing unemployment find exciting jobs. Luckily we are growing up like this. Whenever we hear about layoffs, we get in touch immediately and let them know what roles we have open so they can transition with as little downtime as possible. .

Kim Whitman | | Senior Vice President, People & Culture | Vivint

It’s been two years since we’ve had layoffs of all kinds, but it’s helping our leadership team better communicate what our strategy is and make sure we’re selective in our hiring process. I think. I think it is important that employees feel safe. In the past, as an employer during layoffs, we hosted career fairs and invited employers to come and meet with our employees.

Kimberly Mepham | | Senior Director, Talent Acquisition (USA) | bioMérieux

Markets were all over the place and really hard to predict. We hear anecdotal evidence of layoffs and all these horrors. Then the jobs report came out, showing an uptick in hiring and salaries, not as many layoffs as expected. We are choosing to continue hiring very aggressively and aggressively as there is a lot of need at the moment. We’re in healthcare, so it’s a different story. Healthcare is a stable market. Through the pandemic, we have not only been stable, but unfortunately business has gotten better. If anything, we change the way we pitch our candidates and tell a different story about our culture — stability.

Suzanne Horton | | Talent Acquisition Manager | USANA Health Sciences

We are very strategic about how we view open positions. We look at them and ask, “Is there a demand for this position as strong as it was two years ago?” We also have a management team that is very transparent with our employees. A few months ago, our president turned the blame back on management and sent a message to employees that it was not a hiring freeze and that we were not laying off employees. I think this has eased some of the employee’s anxiety.

Amber Comer | | Talent Acquisition Officer | Weave

LinkedIn has released a report saying that when markets are sluggish and competitors are hiring, the companies that will eventually emerge from the recession will be those that continue to invest in their people and their growth. Reputation is important and candidates and employees appreciate it. I think there is something to be said about continuing to act without being swept away by the news. We hear headcount cuts every day, but the market data just came out and it’s still going strong.

How do you create ROI when hiring, especially during a market downturn?

Kimberly Mepham | Senior Director, Talent Acquisitions (USA) | bioMérieux

During the Great Resignation, people began to truly appreciate talent acquisition as the unsung hero of culture and human development. It’s time to take advantage of it. We are not in hunting mode. We are farming mode. You have to think long term. One of the things that always goes out the window first when the market moves from a candidate-driven market to an employer-driven market, he said, is the candidate experience, and for many, the actual transaction. Become. So now is the time to invest in candidate experience and brand building. It’s pipeline development. That means developing a second and her third candidate who can build a relationship and later turn it into a hire.

Suzanne Houghton | Talent Acquisition Manager | USANA Health Sciences

I’m always thinking about hiring at USANA, not just asking for a position. That’s one of the things I really like about talent acquisition. It’s about building those relationships and recruiting them for future jobs you may not even know exist yet.

Matthew Miller | Senior Talent Acquisition Partner | Merrick Bank

One of the strategies I try to instill in junior recruiters and talent acquisition coordinators is that candidates need to have great experience. Even if you don’t get the job, even if it’s your second or her third choice, walk away from the interview or turn the camera off and say, “Oh my god, that was a great experience.” They go and she tells two or she three and come back later. There is a coined phrase that says, “We hire people we like and want to work with.” It’s the same mindset that you hire for a brand, not necessarily because you’re panicking to fill a role.

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