Crisis wrought by pandemic is over, says Australian airline Qantas

Australian airline Qantas says ‘existential crisis caused by pandemic’ is over

Takeoff: Australian airline Qantas said demand is increasing

One of the world’s leading airlines says with its planes back in the sky, the “existential crisis posed by the pandemic” is over.

Australian airline Qantas has seen increased demand despite losing money this year, a clear indication that the worst signs of the Covid-19 debacle are behind it.

Air New Zealand, which also posted a loss for the year, was also upbeat as it reported a “very strong recovery in bookings and earnings” since March.

Australia and New Zealand have implemented some of the world’s toughest pandemic travel restrictions, hurting flight demand and hurting their economies.

Qantas said its deficit widened to £1.1bn in the year to end June, while Air New Zealand lost £380m.

But Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce said the recovery is now underway.

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