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Gio’s mom Lisa Helou also sells The OC’s luxury property

For most people, working with a mother may sound like a nightmare, but it’s the reality for newcomers. OC sales His mother is well known in the real estate industry and has her own desk at the Oppenheim Group.

Those who have seen OC sales Aside from Gio’s mother Lisa, Tyler Stanaland’s father is a real estate mogul, so we know the estate is run by a lot of blood from 11 realtors.

Gio is known for his love of luxury listings, and he clearly got it from his mother, who has an impressive real estate resume.

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Unspoken: The Rise and Fall of AND1 | Official Trailer | Netflix





Who is Gio’s mother, Lisa?

Gio’s mother, Lisa Helou, can certainly take credit for her son’s real estate successes, as she’s racked up incredible multi-million dollar sales herself.

Lisa is an O Group Associate licensed in 1976. O Group website describes her as having “a long-standing reputation for her assertiveness and relentless pursuit on behalf of her clients.”

The mother and real estate agent can be found on Instagram under the steering wheel @lisa_cantagallo_helouOn this social platform she keeps her followers up to date with all the latest lists and especially sharing some adorable family snaps with her son/colleague Gio!

Geo followed in his mother’s footsteps

Gio is now an incredibly successful real estate agent. A native of Southern California, he is an established luxury realtor who specializes in Newport Beach real estate, which also happens to be where he lives. In his confession on his show, he said:

I just want to show everyone that this is the level I play and not fuck me.

He’s confident in his sales abilities, and that’s evident on the show. He’s good, we give it to him!According to an interview in August 2022, his greatest achievement in his career is with his group O he signed a $12 million deal . people“I had to ring the bell twelve times…one in a million,” he proudly expressed.

Fans are wondering if Lisa Helow has surgery

After seeing Geo’s mom OC salesfans have taken to Twitter and Reddit to ask what, if any, surgeries Lisa has had.

Living in Southern California, it’s no surprise that my mom and agent did some sort of treatment, and many people seem to think it was just Botox. you can’t.

When discussing her cosmetic procedures, one commented, “Gio’s mom used to sell OC… wow girl,” while another commented, “Look how much botox she has.” I was shocked,” he said.

Lisa hasn’t confirmed any surgeries she may have had, but a little botox and fillers here and there and no harm to anyone!


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