Input still needed for Texas Tech College of Education neighborhood survey

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Public input is wanted to help better some neighborhood schools around the Lubbock area.

Texas Tech’s College of Education is asking residents to fill out a survey to figure what communities in north and east Lubbock need. However, time is of the essence.

The survey has been up for around three weeks, but closes Friday at midnight.

The point behind the survey is to help the college apply for a multi-million dollar community-based grant.

“I think a number of other universities and agencies will write what they think the needs are, as opposed to having that conversation first,” Jesse Perez Mendez, College of Education dean, said.

The application is for the highly-competitive Promise Neighborhood Grant given by the Department of Education.

Those with the college believe around 50 other universities nation-wide will submit application for the grant, which pays out $30 million over a five-year period.

“Our goal is, if we do get this grant, is to partner with local organizations,” said Mendez.

So, the college is sending out a survey people who live in east and north Lubbock can fill out.

Currently, they are a bit shy of 1,000 entries from locals.

“(The point is) to where we narrowly tailor resources and grant applications that can really, truly serve the community,” said Mendez.

With the online survey, the college has a special focus on middle schools, with administration with the Lubbock Independent School District provided input on.

“This information is highly valuable to us as faculty — not only within the college but the university — to better understand the needs of our community, our backyard,” said Mendez.

Because there is a lot of competition for the grant, those with the college want to make sure they hit the mark right on the first try.

“I imagine that a lot of these applications are not going to have the robust survey that we have constructed for it,” said Mendez

To fill out the survey — click here

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