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Offices are ‘important’ but transforming, says real estate report

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Dive briefs:

  • In a JLL survey, 72% of respondents said the office was “essential to doing business,” but the look of the office may be changing, according to JLL’s Future of Work report. I have. On sale August 18th.
  • 77% of commercial real estate leaders say offering remote or hybrid work will be key to finding and retaining talent in the future. As such, 43% of the companies surveyed have plans to “accelerate investment in flexible space” between now and 2025, and 51% said they will lease space from their third-party providers. increase.
  • To accommodate the new world of work, 73% of respondents said they plan or plan to make their office spaces more open and collaborative, without a dedicated desk space. increase.

Dive Insight:

Research has shown that in at least some areas, employees are not coming, which may have changed some of the office space plans.

According to a report by Advanced Workplace Associations, three-quarters of office desks are mostly unusedEven companies with mandated office hours did not see office use, and organizations with two mandated office days reported that employees were in the office only 1.1 days a week on average. said. Even during busy times, the office is still more than half empty, according to AWA metrics.

Employers are paying attention to all aspects of hybrid work. Data from Robert Half It was proposed earlier this year. However, employees may object to fully collaborative office spaces. According to Robert Half, 16% of his office commuters said they work best in co-working spaces, while 43% said they work best in private spaces.

especially, CEO refused We’ve covered many facets of office life over the past few months, highlighting how working from home can boost productivity and reduce stress. But other research shows that the office can be a center of connection and morale. Employees may miss And I interact with my colleagues on a daily basis.

That’s why an expert previously told HR Dive that employers should. Think of the office as a tool When it comes to employee engagement, you have many in your arsenal.

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