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What is real estate social networking and its platform?

According to the latest property market trends, 50% of homebuyers Find their new home online. This means that the presence of a real estate social network is essential when selling real estate.

But with so many social media platforms to choose from, how do you decide which ones offer the most benefits? plug.

If you’re trying to decide which social media is best for your real estate business, read on. We’ll review some popular ones and explain how they can help you.

Benefits of social media in real estate

Realtors need an online presence for a number of reasons, but choosing the right platform is critical. First, before diving into each platform, let’s see what benefits you can get from a solid real estate social media strategy.

Get more leads

There are obvious advantages worth mentioning here. The purpose of using social media is to gain followers. This is achieved by posting regularly to your social media accounts to gain likes and followers.

By posting regularly, people who like your posts may visit your site and become new leads. The point is continuous posting. If you only post sporadically, your customers will lose interest and your marketing will lag behind another company that is more consistent.

Connect with more clients

Of course, SNS is also communication. Having an online presence where your customers (and potential customers!) can ask your company questions can go a long way in keeping your customers engaged with your organization.

If your company is a customer’s number one priority, they will think of you first when looking for a new home. This is essential in a market as competitive as real estate.

create targeted ads

Creating targeted ads for specific audiences is essential if you don’t want to waste your marketing budget. By using social media networks with paid advertising options, you can choose who you want to see your ads and increase your chances of conversion.

build a community

Finally, you start building a community of customers as a result of gaining new followers on real estate social networks. This will help you with your future real estate social media strategy. The more connected you feel to a brand, the more likely you are to tell others about it.

Having a strong community following your social media accounts will greatly increase your social network reach.

The best platform for real estate social networks

So which social media is best for realtors? In this section, we’ll take a look at the most popular social media networks. We hope this helps you decide which social media network to use.


As old as it is, Facebook still has a lot to offer as a social media platform for real estate companies. The potential audience reach is extensive and 2.9 billion active users monthly.

Having a Facebook page for your real estate business gives you multiple ways to generate organic leads and access paid advertising that can be tailored to your target audience.

By listing your property, you can take advantage of the Facebook marketplace dedicated to real estate. This can be done for free and is a great way to attract new leads.

Facebook also has a live feature that realtors can use to interact with their audience. Think virtual house tours, live events, Q&A sessions.


LinkedIn is a more formal option among social networks, but don’t let that discourage you. LinkedIn is a good fit for realtors with more commercial real estate.

LinkedIn is also a great way to network with other realtors. There, you can build referral relationships that benefit everyone. So while you may not be using LinkedIn a ton every day, it’s worth having an account to expand your real estate social network.


Twitter is one of the most popular platforms, but it’s not the best social media for real estate agents. Making lasting connections is difficult, and a user base of typically 25-49 may not be your target audience.

However, Twitter is a great place to look for trends and economic and market trends.


As a realtor, Instagram is probably your best friend for your real estate social media strategy. And because it’s tightly linked to Facebook, it takes little effort to maintain both accounts, increasing your reach.

Instagram is all about images and photos, so it’s the perfect place to showcase your latest listings. Hiring a professional real estate photographer is highly recommended.

With an Instagram business account, you can create online promotions for realtors, track post performance and followers, and see your overall reach per post.

However, Instagram users are generally younger, and if that’s your ideal target audience, it’s worth investing in an account on the platform.

tick tock

Although TikTok is aimed at a younger audience, it can be a great source of leads. More and more businesses are using his TikTok to promote their company by participating in fun challenges or uploading their own funny videos.

Similar to Instagram, TikTok is a visual platform, making it an ideal social medium for showcasing the wide variety of assets on the market. Also, remember that you never know when your video will go viral.

Which real estate social network platform to choose?

Social networking is a great way to build your real estate business. These platforms offer the best way to do just that. Understanding how each platform can help your company allows you to adjust your real estate social network strategy accordingly. This allows you to maximize your profit once your prospects start converting.

If you’re looking for more real estate business tips and tricks, check out our Real Estate Resources page to find content like this. Find home market resources for homeowners, marketing, social media for realtors, technology, and artificial intelligence topics. we have it all

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