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[12:08 p.m.] Cat Carroll: Republican incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson has been declared the winner in Wisconsin’s narrow race for US Senate with a lead of less than 30,000 votes. The Associated Press called the race with 99% of votes counted. Johnson received 50.5% of votes and Democratic candidate Mandela Barnes received 49.5% of votes.

[10:39 a.m.] Abigail Leavins: Republican Derrick Van Orden won with 52% of votes to represent Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. He was the last House seat to be declared.

[10:20 a.m.] Abigail Leavins: Ron Johnson has declared victory, though there is no official race call at this time. Mandela Barnes has not conceded because he is waiting for all votes to be counted.

[8:31 a.m.] Janani Sundar: With 99% of the votes counted, Mandela Barnes is…

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